Ljiljane Krstić 1b
11090 Beograd

tel: ++ 381 (0) 11 3510101
fax: ++ 381 (0) 11 3510101

working time
week days: 08.30 - 18.00
saturday: 08.30 - 15.00


About us

The basic activity of the company is car parts trade.

Enduring work and correct relationship with partners, both in country and abroad, developed us a reputation of the respectable partner. SHOPGROUP stock has more than 40000 different articles, including articles which fulfil most needs of small shops that sell auto-parts, or garages.

Every article has a certificate for ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 standard given by Federal Bureau of Standards in Belgrade, which guarantees that car parts are not of questionable quality and that they are produced under the supervision, so they are surely not overhauled or second hand.

Delivery of these goods is organized on the whole territory of Serbia, depending on the customer’s needs.

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